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Hi, we are ATEMPU

Not just another “innovative” company

We help…

...businesses in the USA and Canada cut on the overhead and gain productivity through top-notch software development solutions.

We are…

...big fans of happy endings, that’s why we love building long-lasting relationships with our customers and our people.

Our family… based in Costa Rica, the happiest country in Latin America. 🙂

Our outsourcing solutions can give your business a boost by making your services and products grow. Find a highly specialized team ready to put their experience at the service of your particular needs and goals.

Start today

Your go-to partner for innovation technology.

For real.

We get it. Innovation is a HUGE word that’s turning into a cliché nowadays. But not for us. Here’s what innovation actually means for the people at ATEMPU:

In the words of our CEO Carlos Meléndez, “innovation means coming up with ideas that translate into value for other people.” 

It’s about “enabling our customers to innovate in their processes, products or services, through technology.

So this is us:

your means to a higher end, the human bridge connecting your ideas, ambitions, and goals with the technology and the people who can make them go live.

Get started

The ATEMPU way.

How your goals make our road map

Whenever you come to us with a problem, no matter how big or small, we’ll come up with a solution. We’re not in the software development business—we are in the goal-setting for problem-solving business.

As tireless advocates for your project, our dedicated teams of experts are literally happy to innovate for you and obsessed with bringing your vision of success to life. We want you to hit the big time on time with your project. We really do.

And when that happens, when your goals are achieved, we’ll still be there to help you make it happen again.

Because we see success as a loop, a loop built on continuous improvement through ongoing learning.

Want to loop with us?

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ATEMPU Headquarters

Terra Campus Corporativo
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San Diego, Tres Ríos
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